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Privacy Policy



At the Magnax group (hereafter ‘Magnax’) we value the privacy of applicants and candidates and therefore take the appropriate measures to protect the confidentiality and integrity of your data in line with EU General Data Protection Regulations and Belgian legislation.

The Magnax group includes following employers: Magnax BV, Traxial BV and Axyal BV. This privacy policy applies without prejudice to all employers of the group.  

This privacy policy applies to all applicants and candidates independently of nationality or place of residence.


This  document outlines the following:

1.     Purposes of data collection and processing

2.     Use of Jobtoolz

3.     Types of personal data collected and processed

4.     Use of personal data during the recruitment and selection process

5.     Your access and control over your personal data

6.     Security

1.     Purposes of data collection and processing

Magnax collects, stores, and processes personal data for the purposes of recruitment and selection of the most suitable individual for the open position.

The main legal basis for processing personal data is the legitimate interest of the company to recruit and select future co-workers to ensure continuity of business operations, and to conclude an employment contract with an individual.
For some actions, for example rerouting your CV to another vacancy, Magnax will request your consent. Magnax may also process personal data to comply with certain legal obligations, but this would be in rather exceptional situations.

The personal data processed is proportionate to the open position and limited to the data necessary to ascertain the extent to which motivation, attitude, knowledge, competencies, skills, abilities, and experience match the profile of the open position.

2.        Use of Jobtoolz

Magnax uses the services of Jobtoolz to process job applications, administer vacancies and manage the recruitment and selection process as effectively as possible.

Jobtoolz provides an applicant-tracking service. Jobtoolz is a data processor that collects, stores, and processes data on behalf of Magnax within the framework of ‘Software-As-A-Service’.  Magnax is the data controller in this matter. Magnax determines the purposes and legitimacy of the processing. Magnax also provides instructions on how data is processed by Jobtoolz.

3.        Types of personal data collected and processed

Identification data, data regarding your education, work experience, employment history, and mobility situation are preferably provided directly by you, the applicant, through the applicant-tracking system.  

During the recruitment and selection process, additional data is collected and stored in this system. This includes results of tests, notes, and feedback from interviews and email exchanges with the candidate.

During the recruitment and selection process, Magnax will not process so-called ‘sensitive personal data’ such as racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, criminal record information, etc.
Be aware that, upon hiring, additional information might be required regarding health or criminal record e.g. if Magnax needs to obtain a single permit. At that time, Magnax will take the necessary measures to ensure appropriate handling of this data.

Magnax requests all applicants to provide accurate data and to keep this data up to date and complete throughout the recruitment and selection process.

4.        Use of personal data during the recruitment and selection process

4.1    Recruitment and selection processes

Upon receipt, Magnax will analyze your application to determine the extent to which it meets the requirements of the open position.

·        If your application doesn’t meet the requirements, you will be notified by email.

·        If your CV doesn’t meet the requirements but is of interest, Magnax will ask your permission to keep your CV in our database for future opportunities or to reroute it to another vacancy in the Magnax group. You are free to accept or refuse.

·        If you are invited for interviews, Magnax will keep you informed of the outcome and of the next step in the process.

During the process, Magnax may ask you to complete a test or assessment. Again, you will be informed in due time and you are free to accept or refuse. Please note that a refusal may end the selection process for you.

Upon request, HR will give you oral feedback on interview(s), test(s) or assessment.

4.2    Reference check

Before Magnax offers you employment, Magnax will ask you for the names and contact details of at least two people you have worked with before. We will contact them to conduct a reference check.

4.3    Hiring

Upon a positive selection decision, HR will prepare a financial offer. If additional personal data is required, such as financial details or nationality, you will be contacted directly. HR will ask you to provide the specific details and explain the reason behind the request.

The hiring step (offering of the job, signing of the employment contract, etc.) is the end of the recruitment and selection process. This step is handled outside of Jobtoolz, the applicant- tracking system.

4.4    Decision making

Magnax doesn’t take decisions based solely on automated processing. Human intervention always forms part of the decision making.

4.5    Retention of data

Your personal data including CV, application letter, notes of interviewers, ... will be kept during 24 months. Twenty four months after submission, the data will be anonymized.

If a CV is of interest, we will email you to ask consent for prolongation by another 24 months. In case of a negative or no reply, immediate anonymization will apply.

Anonymization means that your personal data is rendered anonymous in such a manner that the data subject (you/the applicant) is no longer identifiable.

4.6    Sharing of data with third parties

Your personal data is shared mainly with Magnax employees involved in the recruitment and selection process. Usually these are HR professional(s), hiring or line manager(s), or other Magnax team members.

Magnax can decide to engage a third party e.g. to fill the pipeline of candidates or to provide assessment services. In preparation of an offer, Magnax may seek assistance from a tax advisor or a relocation and immigration specialist.
Magnax will need to share some of your personal data in order to obtain relevant advice or services from these third parties. You will always be informed about this.

If a CV is provided to Magnax by a recruiter or search agency, this third party is responsible for the proper handling of your personal data. Magnax cannot be held liable for the way the third party handles your personal data, nor for the data protection or privacy policy published on their website.

5.        Your access and control over your personal data

While applying, you will create an individual account in Jobtoolz, the applicant-tracking system. User ID and password are personal and intended to restrict access to your data. Please keep your user ID and password safe.
The purpose of the individual access is to allow you to keep your personal data accurate, up to date, and complete or to let Magnax know if you decide to withdraw your application.
Insofar as the processing of personal data is based on your consent, for example for adding your CV to a talent pool, you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time. Just send an e-mail through Jobtoolz, the applicant-tracking system.

You can also exercise your ‘right to be forgotten’ (or other valid data protection rights in line with the EU General Data Protection Regulations) by emailing us.

6.        Security

In cooperation with Jobtoolz, Magnax takes appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the confidentiality and integrity of your personal data.
The most important organizational measure is to limit access to your personal data to those Magnax team members who are involved in the recruitment and selection process and to ensure that these co-workers are aware of the Magnax data protection policy.

Last update: September 2023



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